Jason Gan

Hi! I am Jason, I am a second year studying Combined Major in Science right
now, but I may be transferring into Computer Science for next year. An
interesting fact about me is that I'm from Shanghai and I just came back
from vacation there this summer. I also really like playing basketball,
working out and nature stuff. My favorite place on campus is probably the
new SUB because I like finding new food :D. Favorite color is white.

Judy Wu

Hi! My name is Judy and I'm a 3rd year bio major. I currently work at
Science World and love it (sometimes I make explosions or bring out the
Hissing Cockroach). It's hard to choose a favourite colour as I really
enjoy all the colours in some shade but I would have to say a light
blue/white colour scheme is usually ideal. I really like plants so one of my favourite places on campus is the
Botanical Garden on the edge of campus. It's a bit of walk to get there but
it's gorgeous and calming (and free with your student card which is pretty
sweet). A fun fact about me is that I once chased down and tried to sell former
Surrey mayor, Dianne Watts, a Krispy Kreme doughtnut for a dollar. She
rejected me.

Can't wait to meet you all at RXN!

Minjie Woo

Hello! My name is Minjie Woo and I am a 3rd year Biology Major student.
Some interesting facts about me are that I love having Korean drama
marathons during my free time and I enjoy eating all kinds of food (except
raw fish). Another fact that usually surprises people is that I was born in
London, England, although I only stayed there for 10 months and failed to
acquire their awesome British accent. My favourite place on campus would
have to be the UBC fountain because it is a great place to relax and listen
to music when the sun is out. My favourite colour is white because it
contains all the colours of the spectrum, which represents inclusiveness
and equality.

Katrina, Jamir

Hello, my name is Katrina and I'm a second year majoring in computer
science! My favourite place on campus is Menchies om noms :]. It isn't
really on campus, but it's close! I absolutely LOVE the colours yellow and
green and you'll often see these colours on or near me. A fun fact about me
is that I'm quite accident prone. I guess it's not really fun for me, but
injuries have never stopped me from enjoying the outdoors!

Hannah Xiao

Hi reactants! My name is Hannah and I'm a second year biology student with
interests in physics and anatomical biology. Many people don't know this
about me, but I'm double jointed!!! It's not usually something that comes
into conversation often, although it is a neat trick to have. My favourite
place on campus is main mall by the fountain; it's absolutely stunning in
the fall and summer. Simply sitting on the grass and taking some time to
relax and enjoy the view is amazingly comforting (only if it's not raining,
of course). I would definitely recommend doing this at least once before
the rainy weather hits. Blue is definitely my favourite colour (it's also
the faculty colour! SCIENCE PRIDE!!).