Tianna Sihota

Hi! My name is Tianna Sihota. I will be entering my second year at UBC,
majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. I love playing volleyball and
swimming, and I live for all things summer-related (the sun, loud music,
festivals, road trips...). On campus, I am a part of UBC's Heart and Stroke
Foundation, and participate on rec volleyball teams. Something interesting
about me is that I have no favorites - not even a favorite colour! Music,
movies, sports, books, food... I'm open to trying all types of them and
find it hard to favor a specific one. On campus, a place where you can find
me more often than not is the seating above the Aquatic Centre pool. The
warmth and relaxing sounds of the water make it the perfect relaxation and
study spot in the winter! I look forward to meeting and welcoming all of
you to UBC this September!!