Rachel Lim

My name is Rachel and I am in my 3rd year studying Pharmacology. I live in
Vancouver and take the bus to and from school every day. Almost everybody I
meet is unable to guess my ethnicity (can you guess what it is?) I love
hanging out at Abdul Ladha because it's a place where I know I can find
somebody to hang out with, and there are microwaves. My favourite colour is
purple and my favourite type of food is sushi, which is perfect because I
work at a sushi restaurant! :)

Leslie Liu

Hi! My name is Leslie and I am a second year majoring in chemistry. My
favourite place on campus would have to be the Chan Centre. It's such a
beautiful building inside and out and there are always amazing ensembles
performing there! Some cool things you should know about me, I'm a HUGE
figure skating fan and my favourite colour is purple.

Oliver Jung

Hi everyone! My name is Oliver, and I'll be one of the Catalysts for
Science RXN! I am currently in my second year, majoring in Biology! I enjoy
eating ice cream during the winter (please tell me I'm not the only one who
does this!) My favourite place on campus is the Student Recreation Centre
(SRC), and you'll frequently find me there playing Volleyball! My favourite
colours are blue and purple! Super excited and can't wait to meet you
all! :)

Aaron Loewen

Hey! My name is Aaron, and I am going into my third year with a major in
biology! An interesting fact about me is that I am colourblind, which
doesn't mean I can't see colour but rather certain colours just look
different. My favourite spot on campus is the Collegia, which is a
first-year commuter lounge that is a great place to meet new people and
hang out in between classes. My favourite colour has to be blue, as it is
not only a beautiful colour but it is the colour of our faculty! Hope to
see you around SCIENCE RXN this year!

Jenny Jiang

Hey guys! My name is Jenny and I'm a 3rd year UBC student going into 1st
year pharmaceutical sciences in the new Entry-to-Practice PharmD program!
When I am not furiously studying for my next exam, you can find me enjoying
long walks by the beach, hiking up mountains to enjoy the sunset, or more
realistically, binge watching murder thrillers on Netflix. But that doesn't
mean I'll be scary and bite-y! I'd be ecstatic to answer if you have any
questions regarding entering the PharmD program, what makes red my favorite
color, or where is the best place on campus to poop (bottom floor Scarfe).

Marissa Tamaki

My name is Marissa Tamaki and I am a third year student in the Combined
Major in Microbiology and Immunology and Computer Science.My favourite
colour is red and an interesting fact about me is that I am fourth
generation Japanese -Canadian. My favourite place on campus is the newly
built Nest because I like how spacious and modern it is.

Mimi Wei

My name is Mimi and I'm currently a 3rd year student majoring in Integrated
Sciences. Pathophysiology and Immunology are my areas of integrations, but
that's not important, let's talk more about what I like. Food is my bae and
my one true love. I LOVE eating almost everything so if you ever need a
food buddy, hmu!

Judy Wu

Hi! My name is Judy and I'm a 3rd year bio major. I currently work at
Science World and love it (sometimes I make explosions or bring out the
Hissing Cockroach). It's hard to choose a favourite colour as I really
enjoy all the colours in some shade but I would have to say a light
blue/white colour scheme is usually ideal. I really like plants so one of my favourite places on campus is the
Botanical Garden on the edge of campus. It's a bit of walk to get there but
it's gorgeous and calming (and free with your student card which is pretty
sweet). A fun fact about me is that I once chased down and tried to sell former
Surrey mayor, Dianne Watts, a Krispy Kreme doughtnut for a dollar. She
rejected me.

Can't wait to meet you all at RXN!