Katrina Tan

HR Coordinator
3rd year, Combined Major in Science

HOLA! My name is Katrina Tan and I am one of the HR Coordinators for SCIENCE RXN 2015! I'm entering my third year in the Combined Major in Science program, studying Chemistry, Math and Biology with a minor in Kinesiology. I got involved in Science RXN because I have been a part of the event for the past two years, as a participant and a volunteer. I loved the atmosphere and sense of community felt from the day’s activities and wanted to give back and help other first year students feel the same.  I love sports and grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and soccer while avidly watching hockey. I am a big ‘fan-girl’, often going to concerts and movie sets to find celebs.Additionally, when I’m not busy studying, you can find me watching reality TV, volunteering, or sleeping. Can’t wait for y’all to be part of the RXN. :)