Judy Wu

Hi! My name is Judy and I'm a 3rd year bio major. I currently work at
Science World and love it (sometimes I make explosions or bring out the
Hissing Cockroach). It's hard to choose a favourite colour as I really
enjoy all the colours in some shade but I would have to say a light
blue/white colour scheme is usually ideal. I really like plants so one of my favourite places on campus is the
Botanical Garden on the edge of campus. It's a bit of walk to get there but
it's gorgeous and calming (and free with your student card which is pretty
sweet). A fun fact about me is that I once chased down and tried to sell former
Surrey mayor, Dianne Watts, a Krispy Kreme doughtnut for a dollar. She
rejected me.

Can't wait to meet you all at RXN!