Are you in the Faculty of Science? Are you in first year? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you would be a perfect addition to SUS First Year Committee (FYC). SUS FYC is a committee of approximately 30 first year science students that strive to represent the entire first year science student body. The committee has an entire academic year to take on different initiatives that improve the undergrad experience for other first years. Whether it is hosting social events that foster peer relationships or lobbying an academic initiative, the primary function of FYC has always been to support and engage the first year UBC Science community. FYC is also an opportunity for SUS to find active first year members of the faculty and help you in becoming the future leaders of UBC. Keep your eyes open for the application and details coming soon!


Interested in getting involved with the Science Undergraduate Society? Apply in early September to join a group of diverse, ambitious first year students on the SUS First Year Committee! For inquiries, feel free to email Vice President Internal Katie Gourlay at