SEPTEMBER 16, 2016


5:30 pm.


Participant check in! Day 1 STARS NOW! Head to the Great Hall, 2nd floor of the Nest, to get signed in, pick up your swag bag, meet your RXN leader and many more New-to-UBC Science Students. RXN 2016 starts now!


SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

9:30 AM.


All RXN participants meet their leaders on Main Mall for the start of the day. Day 2 of RXN is underway! Get ready for a day of adventure, amazing food, and a special surprise at the end of the day: a boat cruise! DJ and food provided. Day 2 RXN LET’S GO!

10:00 AM.


Everyone head over with their leaders to Jim Everett Memorial Park to start the day off! Group photo with everyone, and then playing a quick game that has become tradition to UBC RXN!

11:30 AM.


Lunch is served! You enjoy the Night Market? Well, how about a “Noon-Market?” With different food vendors setting up around the area, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy to eat!

1:00 PM.


Get ready… get set… GO! The main event for RXN starts now! Once the signal goes off, work with your team to collect clues to Labrat’s whereabouts by playing both competitive and cooperative games. Each activity lasts only 15minutes, and you have A LOT of activities to get through if you want to finish.
The more games you complete, the more points your team will earn. There’ll be some prizes given out and the end for those who attain the most points, be the most spirited, and a few other categories!

4:00 PM.


Everyone meeting back in the Great Hall. All the final clues will be put together to reveal where Labrat is being kept at! A couple of small announcements will be made, then off to grab a bite to eat before the final events of the day.

4:30 PM


“Mini-Dinner” food is served! Enjoy some snacks and relax with your team for a while before the end of the day festivities begin!

6:00 PM


Time out head out! Everyone will head to the SRC to being loading buses to our final destination: The Queen of Diamonds Yacht!

7:30 PM


Boarding of the boat and CRUISE TIME! More food will be provided, as well as DJ musical accompaniment! If the weather permits, the top deck will be opened up for everyone to hit the dance floor! LET’S GO RXN!!!

11:30 PM


Porting of boat, unloading and returning to UBC. The day has come to a close, but hopefully you’ve made some memories and friends that you won’t forget! Hopefully you all enjoyed it, and best of luck on your upcoming journey at UBC as a Science Student!

12:00 AM

Return home

Arrive at UBC. Everyone is dismissed. Hope you enjoyed!