Tim Cheung

Blurb: Hi! I'm Tim, and I am entering my 4th year as a Combined Major in
Science. A TV show that I'm passionate about is Survivor; I've seen almost
all of the 30 seasons and I would love to be on the show someday! My
favorite place at UBC is the Global Lounge at the Marine Drive residence.
I'm a member of the leadership team at the club Power to Change and we meet
there often! I was told to include my favorite colour, so for the purposes
of this bio I'll say green. My spirit animal is pepperoni pizza. SEE YOU IN

Vincent Yan

Blurb: Hi everyone! My name's Vincent and I'm a 3rd Year, Majoring in
Chemistry. I'm a tall, lovely human being and am excited to make your
experience here at RXN memorable throughout the rest of your University
Days. I'm a very competitive guy and I enjoy playing a variety of sports
and activities (volleyball, badminton, etc). My new favorite place on
campus is probably going to be the Nest (new SUB), however my old favorite
would probably be getting food and chilling at the Village. My favourite
colour is turquoise.

Morgan Haines

Blurb: My name is Morgan Haines and I am very excited to welcome you to
UBC! I am a fourth year Environmental Sciences student and my favourite
colour is cheetah. This summer my good friend and I drove across Canada and
saw all ten provinces. My favourite place on campus is the Earth Sciences
building. I can't wait to get to know everyone, and especially my team! To
all the first years, just remember if you work hard you can achieve
anything. See you soon!

Harley Ma

Blurb: Hello! My name is Harley Ma and I will be attending my second year
at UBC as a Computer Science Major. I am a very sporty person and can play
almost all the ball sports especially soccer and basketball. An unusual
fact about me is that I have never been to a rave despite the fact that I
listen to EDM every single day even when I study. I don't have a favorite
place on campus to hangout but my favorite place to STUDY would be
Koerner's basement, quiet and peaceful. I always say that I don't have a
favorite color in particular but my life seems to always revolve around the
color blue. If I were to pick a color for my new car, it would be blue. OH
and i'm also a Chelsea fan for whoever plays or watches soccer and is
reading this. Go Blue!

Rachel Lim

Blurb: My name is Rachel and I am in my 3rd year studying Pharmacology. I
live in Vancouver and take the bus to and from school every day. Almost
everybody I meet is unable to guess my ethnicity (can you guess what it
is?) I love hanging out at Abdul Ladha because it's a place where I know I
can find somebody to hang out with, and there are microwaves. My favourite
colour is purple and my favourite type of food is sushi, which is perfect
because I work at a sushi restaurant! :)

Gill Jasman

Blurb: Hello! My name is Jasman Gill. I am a second year student here at
UBC and I am majoring in biology. I enjoy a good pun and the colour yellow
makes me happy. One of my favourite places on campus is the Student Rec
Centre, mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that I can go play some
volleyball! I look forward to meeting you. See you all soon!

Rachel Leung

Blurb: Hi there! :) My name is Rachel Leung and I am going into my third
year in Biology! I love penny boarding (although I have yet to do so around
campus) and jamming out on my ukulele (if playing notes with a minute pause
in between counts haha). My favourite place on campus is the UBC Rose
Garden because it overlooks BC's mountains and waters, and my favourite
colour is blue (yay science!). I hope you are as ready as I am for a day
full of fun! Can't wait to meet you! :)