Alex Lee

Blurb: Hello my little reactants! First of all, I would like to welcome you
all to UBC SCIENCE (WOOT WOOT!). My name is Alex and I'll be your RXN
Leader for SCIENCE RXN 2015! I'm in my third year, studying Integrated
Sciences (integrating physiology and pathology). One interesting fact about
me is that have not broken any bones in my life and I am not planning
to. :P My favourite place on campus would be a cafe called Mercante, which
has AMAZING pizza (if we have time, it'll be my pleasure to take y'all
there). Also, my favourite colour is red!! As you all can probably tell, I
am super duper excited to meet all of you and show you the glory of UBC
Science. I had so much fun during my Frosh and I can't wait to relive that
moment with all of you! :D